SA - SGW 2017
The SA - SGW 2017, will take place at the National Institute of Space Research of Brazil (Sao Jose dos Campos), this is a civilian body specializing in space research, was created in 1961.

It includes the policies defined and updated by the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology, the mission of INPE in the promotion and execution of scientific studies and research, technological development, execution of operational activities and training of human resources in the fields of Space and atmosphere science, Earth observation, weather forecasting and climate studies, engineering and space technology and related areas.

São José dos Campos

Host city

São José dos Campos (San José de los Campos) is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Located in the Paraíba Valley, São José dos Campos is considered to be the largest research center in high technology, automotive and telecommunications, military, electroelectronic, metallurgical and headquarters of the largest aerospace complex in Latin America. Here are important multinationals such as Philips, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors (GM), Petrobras, Ericsson, Monsanto, Embraer headquarters, with the third longest aircraft track in the world, among other companies. In the aerospace sector the CTA, INPE, IEAV, IAE and ITA stand out. It is the seventh city of the State.

According to a United Nations study in 1999, San José dos Campos was ranked as one of the 25 best cities in Brazil in terms of quality of life. With its high per capita income, high life expectancy and high level infrastructure, São José dos Campos is a safe city offering a wide variety of shops and services.